Where to Shop for Wholesale LED Lights?

When it comes to shopping for wholesale LED lights, it is essential to know where the best places to get good products are available at affordable rates. In this post, we share a few of the best wholesale LED light sources with inside information on what makes each option unique.
Direct from Manufacturers
One of the cheapest methods to buy LED lights is from the manufacturers themselves. It gets rid of the middlemen and lowers the costs that buyers and sellers pay. Philips and Osram also sell directly in bulk, with prices typically 10-15% below market retail prices. On top of that, they offer full customer support and customization of the product by request.
Online Wholesale Distributors
The range is huge, and the price is the elastic standard for the wholesale LED market in which online platforms gradually occupy the dominance. The likes of Alibaba-http://www.alibaba.com and Made-in-China-http://www.made-in-china.com link consumers straight off to manufacturers & distributors worldwide. Minimum order quantities will start from 50 units to 1000 or more depending on the state of the art and the cost of the order size. As an example, a common LED panel light will be between $25-$45 per unit, depending on features and quantities.

Regional Wholesale Markets
Regional markets throughout major cities exist for customers who wish to see products before purchasing, traditional shopping. In New York, Los Angeles, and Miami plenty of wholesale dealers specialize in LED lighting. These markets allow buyers to inspect the quality of products in person, usually purchase same-day, and made perfect destinations for last-minute really needs.
Trade Shows and Expositions
Another great way to get hold of Wholesale LED Lights is by attending industry trade shows and expositions. At major events like the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, and Light + Building in Frankfurt, the latest releases of LED technologies are displayed. They also present a unique opportunity to meet in person with suppliers to negotiate directly and lock in exclusive offers for discounts of up to 20% on show orders.
Leverage Online Resources
Lastly, the use of online resources designed to facilitate comparison shopping can streamline the procurement process tremendously. There are many electronic review websites and those discussing on lighting products that can offer most accurate information on how reliable these products are and the reputation of the suppliers source.
Using these channels to Shop Wholesale LED Lights you will have plenty of options so you can always find the best deals on high-chew order products configured to meet the needs of your project. Buying on these platforms helps you build relationships with the suppliers which enables you to negotiate better prices and terms to get you started with a proven platform for profiting from wholesale reselling.

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